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"Kidditech has been a brilliant environment for our two children to begin their schooling career.  We have valued the small number of children and the caring, but 'learning' focus the teachers provide.  I really like the structure to the day around general life skills, such as cleaning hands and polite eating and these skills have generalised into our home which is great!  The educational activities have be designed to consider individual interests of the children at the centre and they have developed these areas of interest for my kids with regards to the vocabulary, imagination and creativity they use.  The staff have made it clear that they care about our family and we are able to trust and appreciate the relationship we have with them all. 
Thanks Kidditech!

Alysia Cotter


"Our child has been at Kidditech for almost two years. 

·         She enjoys her time there and we are always impressed with the variety of activities that await her everyday. 

·         We love the fact that the teachers make exciting, fresh, and healthy morning and afternoon tea for the children. 

·         We are impressed with the excursions that are organised by Kidditech, such as picnics and outings to parks.

·         We were pleasantly surprised that the teachers were very active in aiding toilet-training with our child."

Selma and Sean


"I chose Kidditech for my 3 year old son because it is similar to a playcentre environment which is free play with some structure. The teachers are very approachable and are always around for the children . Activities are put out for the children to explore and learn, with new ideas daily to help them thrive and not get bored. I will always recommend Kidditech as my son loves his time there and I feel comfortable leaving him their in such a safe and effective caring environment.

I am very passionate about Kidditech."

Cindy Scott

"My son Kyle started at Kidditech when he was 2 1/2 and stayed there until he started school, my daughter Neve started at two and now 3 1/2 she is a devoted member of the Kidditech family .  I chose Kidditech because it felt right when I walked in - modern, clean, welcoming with great facilities - but also for the structure and discipline I witnessed when we went for pre-start visits, the small size, and for the great learning environment the centre promotes.  Kyle started just after the September earthquake which coincided with the arrival of a new sister.  The big changes in his life meant he was quite unsettled but the teachers were absolutely brilliant at caring and supporting him during this time.  They were more than happy for me to ring and check on him and I was always confident he would receive any extra attention he needed.
Kyle has always been a big and strong boy, who has struggled to use words rather than hands in some situations.  The teaching team discussed this and established a reward system for him where he would get stickers for good behaviour on a daily basis.  This proved really useful in managing his behaviour in a positive way and because they kept me fully informed, I was able to support this approach with our rules at home.  Similarly Neve went through a small rebellion phase that involved weeing her pants in defiance.  The teaching team took this calmly and I was so pleased that they didn't insist that Neve revert back to nappies.  Instead they worked through this time with Neve and I in their usual supportive manner, always reassuring me that her behaviour was normal and just a phase.  The teaching team are open to requests around eating, toileting, and sleeping and I have always felt that they have supported routines and behaviours we were trying to instil at home.
Kyle and Neve have made great friends at Kidditech and loved the teachers, who also became good friends to them.  I never cease to be amazed at the things they learn there - I now know that fingers and toes can also be called phalanges!  As an engineer myself I have appreciated the experiments always on offer, and the learning topics Kidditech have covered - space, bodies, dinosaurs, food pyramid to name just a few.
Kidditech introduced  both my kids to sushi, spinach pizza and carrots and hummus.  The food Kidditech provides at morning and afternoon tea is a combination of healthy yummy snacks and goodies baked in the Kidditech kitchen. Neve relishes the chance to help bake some of the things the kids get to eat.  I fully support the centre's initiatives such as minimising rubbish coming from lunchboxes, and teaching the children about "occasional" foods, something Kyle still quotes to me when I am dishing up fish and chips!
As working parents we really appreciated the hours and availability Kidditech was able to offer.  Being open from 8am to 5pm for all but 3 weeks of the year makes our working life easier to manage.  If the kids ever became unwell the teachers did their best to manage minor complaints at the centre without pulling us out of work.  Yet they were able to know when our kids just needed to be at home with Mum and called us promptly. 
I had no hesitation starting Neve at Kidditech as soon as she turned two.  The Kidditech family had welcomed her from the day she was born and she settled in without issue.  I think the biggest testament to the qualities of Kidditech is that Neve spent her Christmas holidays making things for the teachers, asking when she could go back to Kidditech and the night before she went back she was packing her bag in excitement.  It is such a great comfort as a working mum that my child is at a place she loves and looks forward to going to, and so I would not hesitate to recommend Kidditech to others."
Rae Stewart


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